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The time lost in the queue supposes a profit not received by the company due to lost productivity. We rely on this to set CW. If the customers are external to the company, the cost of waiting will be related to the loss of lost sales profits. The customer can get tired of waiting and leaving, watching the existing queue and not getting to enter or perform their service, but leave with a bad feeling and never come back. This cost is much more difficult to establish, and is precisely the case in which we find ourselves. A large part of their workday consists of the attention to the public, but they also need part of the time to carry out other internal work such as making queuing system and receiving calls, receiving inspectors from different insurance companies and other work that needs to be done.

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When the customer is not human, perhaps it could be assigned a cost in a simpler way, such as the cost of inventories, maintenance, etc. The next step is to select a company in which to apply the theory, carry out Application and analyze the information obtained. The selection of the company was the result customer queue system of a previous relationship, since I did in it the subject Practices in Business of the degree that I intend to culminate with this work of degree. Thanks to this relationship I obtained permission to make the data collection. The selected company is an insurance brokerage, that is to say, a company that acts as intermediary of several insurance companies, without being exclusively linked to any of them.

You can market products of these, working for the policyholder and representing the policyholder before the insurer and in the event of an accident, provide assistance and advice. It is a consolidated company in the sector, with more than thirty-five years of antiquity. Located in the center of Cartagena, it has a team of twenty professionals who offer comprehensive advice to queue system software each client, offering customized plans according to their needs. The insurance brokerage is divided into different departments. For our study, we will focus solely on the commercial department, specifically on the care of the public that demands non-life insurance all those other than life insurance.

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This part of the company has been chosen and not another one because it is the one that most flow of customers presents and where the queues are formed predominantly.The area of casualties receives fewer customers and new products are not marketed, whereas in the case of non-life insurance only one person is in charge of them and no queues are mentioned by this service. The commercial department is made up of seven professionals: Two of them are dedicated respectively to the attention to the public of life insurance and the operations of large volumes. Since they have no direct relationship with the part of the company analyzed are left out of our study. Three of them are commercial, they are the ones that offer the service to the clients and therefore those that we consider servants.

Another person takes care of the auxiliary agents, although in addition it can offer service to the public. It works as well as a standby server, entering into action only in case of need, that is, when the queue is saturated and not all commercials are active they are performing some tasks mentioned above. The last person takes care of the reception of the clients upon arrival and does not perform tasks related to the marketing of insurance. By dis aggregating the sector, the effects of the crisis are more evident. If the two broad categories of products, life insurance and non-life insurance are studied separately, there is a very disparate evolution.